Donald Trump recalls his meeting with the Queen as he marks death

Donald Trump pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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Donald Trump has paid tribute to Elizabeth II after the Queen’s passing was confirmed by Buckingham Palace. Joining GB News presenter Nigel Farage by phone, Mr Trump said: “It is a sad day, it’s sad all over the world. She was a woman that was just extraordinary, just an extraordinary woman, a great woman. “

The former US President continued: “Who could be greater than what she done? She did it so long, so well and never made mistakes just think about it right, she never made mistakes.

“She was an incredible person it’s a very sad day.”

The Queen welcomed Mr Trump to Buckingham Palace for a state banquet in 2019.

Speaking about the event, the former US President added: “We were going to spend just a short period of time and we just got on really well and we spent a lot more time than people thought, it was quite something.

“We just got along very well, we had good chemistry.”


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