Donald Trump's 'blue steel' mug shot becomes an instant meme sensation

Donald Trump’s mug shot has been released to the world, much to the delight of both his fans and haters.

His blue steely stare was captured at Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail just moments after he was processed for a dozen felony charges.

The mug shot shows Trump giving a terrifying death stare, with his eyebrows furrowed, a tense jaw and fake tan still clearly visible.

Mug shot merch like t-shirts are already on sale as the photo is expected to increase Trump’s popularity in the polls.

It is the fourth time this year Trump has surrendered to federal or local authorities for criminal charges but the first time his mug shot was taken.

His motorcade quickly went from the airport where Trump flashed a thumbs up and a smile to the jail.

The ex-president’s booking record showed that he was placed under arrest and that he is 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighs 215 pounds. He was listed as having blue eyes and ‘blonde or strawberry’ hair.

In the past Trump received preferential treatment but authorities in Georgia decided to treat him like any other person – which entailed fingerprinting and a mug shot.

Other famous celebrity mug shots taken over the years

Stormy Daniels in 2018 – Was arrested and charged with three counts of illegal sexually oriented activity and a ‘misdemeanour’. The charges were dropped 24 hours later. Daniels sued the city of Columbus citing a violation of her civil rights, reaching a $450,000 settlement in 2019.

Jane Fonda in 1970 – Following her arrest for assault and battery in Cleveland, Ohio, where she allegedly kicked a policeman.

Nick Nolte in 2002 – For driving under the influence. He attended substance abuse counselling in Connecticut after his arrest.

Marilyn Monroe in 1954 – For driving too slowly on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, for not having a valid driver’s licence and for failing to appear in court. She was fined $56.

Bill Gates in 1977 – For failing to stop at a stop sign and for driving without a licence. Gates was 22 at the time and driving a car belonging to his childhood friend Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. He would have graduated from Harvard that year if he hadn’t dropped out.

Paris Hilton in 2010 – Charged with possessing 0.8 grammes of cocaine, found in a purse. She pleaded guilty, was fined $2,000 and ordered to complete 200 hours of community service.

Hugh Grant in 1995 – Was arrested for lewd conduct with Divine Brown, a prostitute, on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. He had just been propelled into the limelight after starring in the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, and was in Hollywood to promote his next film, Nine Months. He was fined $1,000 and ordered to participate in an Aids education programme.

Tiger Woods in 2017 – For driving under the influence. He blamed the interaction of prescription drugs, received a year of probation, during which he was not allowed to drink alcohol and had to undergo regular drug tests, and a $250 fine. He later survived a serious single-vehicle accident in 2021.

Mick Jagger in 1967 – For drug offences. He was eventually fined £200 and sentenced to three months in jail, but was released on bail after a night in Brixton prison. The case became a cause célèbre, and inspired a Times leading article written by William Rees-Mogg entitled Who Breaks A Butterfly On A Wheel?

Robert Downey Jr in 1999 – Was sentenced to three years for repeatedly violating probation on drugs and weapons charges. He was able to return to the big screen after rehab when his close friend Mel Gibson paid for his insurance bond for the 2003 film The Singing Detective, and has enjoyed considerable success since.

Lindsay Lohan arrested multiple times – On drug and alcohol-related charges and for theft between 2007 and 2012. She missed a court hearing in 2010 and her alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet lit up at an MTV party. In 2015 she was finally free of probation and has stayed out of trouble since.

Frank Sinatra in 1938 – For the archaic-sounding offence of seduction. The charge was applied after an encounter when there was a promise of marriage to an unmarried woman which was never carried out, thereby ruining her reputation. The woman in question was later found to be married, and the charge was revised to adultery. A bond was set for Sinatra, which he promptly paid, and he was released.

Khloé Kardashian in 2007 – For driving under the influence. She was ordered to complete an alcohol education course but was sent to prison when she violated her parole conditions. She served three hours of her 30-day sentence.

David Bowie in 1976 – For possession of marijuana following a performance in Rochester, New York. He was held with three others, including Iggy Pop, and released on bail for $2,000.

Blac Chyna in 2016 – For drug possession.

Wayne Rooney in 2018 – For public intoxication and swearing. He blamed the incident on the adverse interaction of sleeping pills, which he took on a flight from Saudi Arabia, and alcohol. He paid a $25 fine and $91 costs.

James Brown in 2004 – Following reports of domestic violence.

The charges in Georgia stem from Trump’s accusations that the results of the 2020 election in the state were rigged.

Trump was quick to utilise the mug shot as a tool for fundraising, disseminating it on X, formerly known as Twitter, and on his Truth social platform.

He has remained steadfast in his assertion of innocence, branding the charges against him as a ‘travesty of justice’.

He has already made history for being the first former president to face four criminal accusations.

And now he will go down in history for the most meme-tastic photo imaginable.

Below are a few of the best which have been circulating around on social media.

stop giving me those eyes bro💀 #TrumpMugShot

Someone confirm this is the real one. It’s so good!! He looks tough and young and angry. It couldn’t be better. #TrumpMugShot

What the chicken nuggets in my microwave see at 3AM:

How it started / How it’s going. #TrumpMugShot

Trump becomes the first former US President to perfect blue steel as his mugshot is released.

Just gonna leave this right here: #TrumpMugShot

i’m sorry but… #trumpmugshot

SMILE please Trump #TrumpMugShot #TrumpArrest

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