‘Don’t do anything useful!’ Radio caller in blistering royal swipe as Queen battles Covid

LBC caller argues with host over Queen's royal duties

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The Royal Family has come under fire from a radio caller on the day the Queen tested positive for coronavirus. The caller, Nick from Holland Park in West London, dismissed speculation over whether the Queen should carry out light duties because, he argued, the royals “don’t do anything useful.”

Caller Nick told LBC: “The discussion about whether the Queen should be doing more or less of the royal duties and who will step up to do the vital work that she doe, I mean, we are well past the point.

“Remember the Queen and none of the royal family actually have a proper job that needs to be done.

“They don’t sweep the streets, they don’t look after the elderly, they don’t do anything useful.”

He added: “The modern practice of opening hospitals going to see care homes, wining and dining despots, okay they’ve almost always done that, is a modern PR thing to actually make it look like they’re actually doing something other than hunting, shooting and loafing around.”

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Ms Tominey leapt to the royals’ defence arguing: “Well I don’t think the Queen is doing any of those things because she’s immobile at the moment.

“Second of all, don’t you think that she added value, particularly in the pandemic, when it first started, we were in the first lockdown and Boris Johnson had been hospitalised and it was fifty whether he was going to put on a ventilator.

“But actually the one person the nation wanted to hear from was somebody at 95 in the same way that people wanted to see Captain Sir Tom Moore.

“Because these were people who had lived through the Second World War, who’d been there, done it and had wisdom and experience to share to help reassure a very frightened nation.”

Queen confirmed positive for COVID-19 in Palace statement

Buckingham Palace said on Sunday that the monarch had tested positive for coronavirus and is currently experiencing mild symptoms.

The Palace added that the Queen expects to continue light duties this week.

The Palace said: “The Queen has today tested positive for Covid. 

“Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but expects to continue light duties at Windsor over the coming week.”

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“She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all appropriate guidelines,” the Palace added.

Her son Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, earlier this month pulled out of an event after contracting coronavirus for a second time.

A palace source said the Prince of Wales had met the Queen just days before.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wished the Queen a “rapid return to vibrant good health”.

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