‘Don’t they know it’s Brexit Britain!’ Farage follows French Naval boat into English water

Nigel Farage doesn't believe Rwanda plan will stop migrants

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The GB News host has ventured out to sea to report on the renewed spike in illegal channel crossings. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said 254 migrants were detected in seven small boats on Sunday. More people thought to be migrants have been spotted being brought into Dover on Bank Holiday Monday.

The renewed spike in illegal crossings comes after an apparent 11-day pause.

Speaking from a boat on the English channel, Mr Farage said: “You can see a French Naval Vessel escorting a dinghy with about 40 on board.

“That French Naval Vessel has escorted it for about a quarter of a mile off the French coast and there are spottings of boats all over the place in the channel.”

The former Brexit Party leader and broadcaster said he would be doing a full story on his findings at 7pm on Monday night.

He continued: “The French Naval Vessel is now a long way inside English waters.

“Don’t they know? It’s Brexit Britain!”

The latest crossings take this year’s total for small boat crossings to at least 6,947.

That is more than three times the count of 2,004 at this time last year, and over six times the figure of 1,006 for the same period in 2020.

The MoD took control of migrant operations in April.

It was given the responsibility when the government announced controversial plans to send some of the individuals making the journey to Rwanda.

The government’s new Nationality and Borders Bill became law last Thursday, allowing Home Secretary Priti Patel to chase a “world-first” agreement with Rwanda.

The Rwanda deal means the east African nation can receive asylum seekers deemed by the UK to be inadmissible as they arrived “illegally” under new immigration rules.

These rules are already facing legal challenges and have faced criticism across the political spectrum.

It had initially been thought that the 11-day pause in crossings was due to the Rwanda plan acting as a deterrent.

But the flurry of crossings over the weekend suggests the pause was more likely due to adverse weather conditions.

Breaks in crossings happen often and usually coincide with bad weather which makes the crossings ever more dangerous than they are normally.

Commenting on the crossings, a government spokesperson said: “The rise in dangerous Channel crossings is unacceptable.

“Not only are they an overt abuse of our immigration laws but they also impact on the UK taxpayer, risk lives and our ability to help refugees come to the UK via safe and legal routes.”

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