‘Door is ajar!’ Harry and Meghan spark fan frenzy by sharing Kate and William photographer

Harry and Meghan's Invictus coverage discussed by experts

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Royal fans and podcast hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie have reacted to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle working with a photographer who has worked closely with Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William. The week-long Invictus Games, which ended on Friday saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex snapped by royal photographer Chris Jackson. 

Ms Fiorito told the podcast how she had “loved the on the ground coverage” of the Invictus Games, naming a number of veteran royal reporters and photographers.  

She said: “I want to say [royal photographer] Chris Jackson gave me pause too.

“He covered the Caribbean tour he’s very close to William and Kate, his wife Natasha Archer is Kate’s stylist, and he’s covering Harry and the Invictus Games that gives me hope…there’s like collaboration.”

“The door is not totally shut,” she added. 

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“It’s a jar,” added Ms Bowie.

Her co-host continued: “They are sharing a photographer, that’s something.”

It comes amid concern that Harry’s upcoming autobiography could worsen the rift between the Sussexes and the rest of the Royal Family. 

Royal expert Robert Jobson believes that Prince Harry’s tell-all book will likely backfire on the Royal Family and the Sussex amid “baby steps” towards a reconciliation between the two sides.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently reunited with Prince Charles and the Queen during a brief stopover en route to the Invictus Games in the Netherlands. 

Mr Jobson told GB News: “Of course, he had to meet his father first with Camilla and that was a very short meeting from what I understand and their relationship has been particularly strained.

“I think there’s a sense of him being let down on both sides and we’ve got this book coming out which is pretty much in the sort of blow a lot of things out the water as well.

“So although these are baby steps in terms of a reconciliation or approachment between Meghan, Harry, and the Royals. I can see it all blowing up in their face again, with this book.

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“Clearly the relationship with his father is not particularly great at the moment and I don’t know how long Harry can carry on being this court jester either, you know, he can make a laugh.

He added: “Well, I don’t think she’s been laughing too much about what happened in the last couple of years. Particularly the thanksgiving service and she’s been through a lot the Queen and Harry and Megan have contributed to that.

“It’s not just the Andrew saga things.

“I don’t know he can’t just waltz in and say I made her laugh and waltz out again with your Netflix crew and think all is great.”

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