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You can now get The Express delivered to your tablet device every day.

Quick, free and easy to access the Express app brings the latest UK and world news straight to your fingertips 24/7 on both iOS and Android.

You’ll be able to keep up to date with the latest sport, celebrity news, tech, politics, travel, finance, videos and pictures wherever you are in the world – even when you’re offline. Download the free app today and you’ll never be out of touch.

  • Streamlined design – articles are easier to read and faster to load
  • Enhanced navigation – find the sections you want to read most
  • More than 40 sections – over 400 original stories published daily
  • Galleries – thousands of new pictures every day
  • Updated video player – faster playback than ever
  • Offline Mode – pre-load articles and pictures so you can read the top stories even when you have no internet connection
  • Share articles and photos – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WhatsApp
  • Easy swipe – flick through a curated list of the best stories of the day
  • Daily puzzles – your favourite daily Crusader Crossword and sudoku

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