Dr Shola sparks fury as she tells Conservative voters to ‘get their heads examined’

Boris Johnson: Dr Shola clashes with Vine caller over PM

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Voters across the UK are heading to the polls to have their say in a local election dominated by national issues and the cost-of-living crisis. Taking to Twitter Dr Shola took aim at anyone who backs Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Tory party.

She tweeted: “If you #VoteConservative today please have your head examined. #Elections2022.”

But the comment sparked criticism, with some turning Dr Shola’s statement back on her.

Simon Hargreaves said: “Anyone that listens or take your advice would definitely need their head examined.”


And Simon Cooper echoed this, replying: “Anyone agreeing with any of your rhetoric should have their head examined!”

Dan posted: “Classic controlling behaviour.”

Another fumed: “Stupid statement.”

Dr Shola had earlier tweeted a vote for the Conservative Party in the local elections would be a vote for Mr Johnson.

She said: “I will NOT #VoteConservative in local elections. Plus a vote for ANY Conservative is a vote for Boris Johnson in #Elections2022. God forbid.”

This is not the first time Dr Shola has openly attacked Mr Johnson.

During an appearance on the Jeremy Vine Show, Dr Shola said “the name Boris Johnson is synonymous with liar”.She said there are “too many examples to give” that show the Prime Minister is a liar.

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Dr Shola also hit back at a caller on show during a row over the Tory leader.

She said ”it was fair to call Boris Johnson a liar” as MPs voted to investigate Mr Johnson over lockdown parties held in No 10.

However, Richard, from Buckinghamshire, called into the programme to dismiss the accusations as “petty names”.

But Dr Shola reacted furiously, telling him: “Richard, you said it was not professional for calling someone a liar when they lie.

“I don’t know what the heck you are talking about.

“Because in the same sentence you talk about them being highly educated.”

Polling stations have opened in the local elections, with council seats in Scotland, Wales, London and many parts of England up for grabs, andNorthern Ireland electing its new assembly.

Millions of voters are expected to cast ballots to select the localrepresentatives they want to run services and facilities in their area.

The Conservatives will find out in the coming days as votes are tallied whether they will be made to pay the price for the so-called partygate saga in Downing Street, which has seen Mr Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak fined for breaking coronavirus laws.

Tory supporters are likely to anxiously be watching out for results in true-blue London local authorities such as Wandsworth – under Conservative control for the past 44 years – Westminster and Barnet where pollsters YouGov believe Labour could cause an upset.

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