Dreary New Year in Paris as French capital sees just 4 minutes of sunshine in first week of 2019

The sun is too bright and hurts your eyes?

Not a sentiment that Parisians are sharing this new year. The French capital has seen only four minutes of sunshine in the first week of 2019, according to local media reports on Monday (Jan 7).

The city of love is no Marseille, which is often touted as the sunniest city in France with more than 300 sunny days a year.

But Paris normally receives about two hours of sunshine per day in the first week of January, French weather and news outlet BFM TV reported.

The dreary weather in Paris has been going on for nearly two weeks, as there has been only 11 minutes of sunshine in the city since Dec 27.

According to French news outlet The Local, this is the city’s gloomiest start to the year since 1990.

Parisians used to enjoying better weather than their English counterparts are not feeling as jolly these days.

Twitter user @Peter_Conradi wrote: “Just in case anyone in France were thinking of criticising the British weather, we have had only four minutes of sun in Paris since New Year – 180 times less than the usual amount….”

However, the French capital may soon get a respite from the gloomy weather, as sunny conditions are projected for the capital on Tuesday.

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