Drunk man ‘cannot recall’ trying to pull passenger in front of Tube

A Tube passenger who tried to pull a woman in front of a train has admitted attempted murder, but claims he cannot recall the interaction. Arthur Hawrylewicz, 42, lifted Maria Osifeso in a bear hug and swung her around King’s Cross station before her friends managed to pull her free unharmed. Hawrylewicz was hit on the head by an oncoming train and knocked unconscious. Judge Benedict Kelleher warned Hawrylewicz to expect a “length custodial sentence”.

The woman was travelling to Notting Hill Carnival with friends at the time of the incident.

Sukwinder Dhadda, prosecuting told the court the defendant spoke to the woman but she wasn’t able to understand.

Mr Dhadda added: “She said she thought he was intoxicated and she told him she wasn’t interested. “She continued talking to friends,” the Daily Mail reports.

The group walked towards the end of the platform when the victim felt the defendant’s “arms wrapped around her waist” and “swung her around”, the court heard.

Mr Dhadda added: “That is when her male friend intervened and was able to release his grip from her.

“This lady has suffered considerably from this incident that took place last year.”

Hawrylewicz admitted attempted murder on the first day of his trial.

Detective Sergeant Mike Blakeburn, from British Transport Police said the attack was “completely unprovoked and incredibly disturbing”.

He added: “Had it not been for their brave actions pulling her from Hawrylewicz’s clutches, we could easily have been dealing with a murder investigation.

“Hawrylewicz has never offered any explanation or rationale for why he did what he did and claimed throughout the interview that he had no recollection of the incident, but the victim will have to live with this traumatic memory for the rest of her life.

“Thankfully he can now expect a significant custodial sentence where he’ll have plenty of time to consider the implications of his senseless and violent behaviour.”

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