Durham University slammed over ‘anti-white indoctrination’ sessions in Rod Liddle row

Lenny Henry and Art Malik discuss historic racism in Britain

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The prestigious academic institution has told students they must attend “anti-racism training”. According to plans, the training is aimed at “ensuring a safer community for people of colour”, leaving students of the north-eastern university refusing to attend.

It comes after speech given by the Spectator journalist was met with disgust as students attending walked out during the talk.

Others failed to stand at the end of the speech as is tradition following an academic discussion by a guest at the institution.

Mr Liddle’s remarks during the talk included statements such as the left was “going against science” or “pure facts” saying a person with an X and a Y chromosome, that “has a long, dangling penis, is scientifically a man, and that is pretty much, scientifically, the end of the story”.

He also said: ‘It is fairly easily proven that colonialism is not remotely the major cause of Africa’s problems, just as it is very easy to prove that the educational underachievement of British people of Caribbean descent or African Americans is nothing to do with institutional or structural racism.”

According to Durham University’s own student paper, The Palatinate, Mr Liddle ended by warning attendees about the importance of listening to, and doubting, other people’s opinions.

In light of the planned “training”, an email was sent to undergraduates on Tuesday, March 26, to students at John Snow College.

The email stated the training would be run by the Durham’s People of Colour Association, a student body, and the scheme would be “mandatory”.

But the university said the training was “not a University or College initiative” and attendance is down to the “discretion of the pupils”.

Some students took to social media to vent their disgust at the forced training.

Samantha Smith, a Durham student, said on Twitter: “As a mixed-race student, I refuse to take part in this anti-white indoctrination.”

Another called it “divisive” and said: “students should be revising for exams instead.”

A DPOCA spokesman said: “The intention of the workshop is to create a more inclusive, not divisive, culture on campus.”

A Durham University spokesman said: “The provision of this training was not a University or College initiative, but was taken by the student-led JCR at John Snow College.

“The training is delivered by DPOCA, an association of Durham Students’ Union.

“Anti-racism training can help to create a more respectful environment, but attendance is at the discretion of individual students.”

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The DPOCA has in the past run events such as “decolonise hiking”, a walk around Durham for ‘students of colour’.

It has also been campaigning to “decolonise the curriculum” and has promoted online the “County Durham Palestine Solidarity Campaign”.

Head of the college and Principal of South College Professor Tim Luckhurst, who had invited Mr Liddle, was temporarily barred from duties while an “investigation” took place into his conduct.

He was allowed to keep his job, but the university vowed to be more “inclusive” and effect a “culture change” following the incident.

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The rising growth of left-wing views in British Universities has caused some academics to change the way they teach.

According to one report, three-quarters of right-leaning academics in British universities say they are having to hide their political views because of the woke orthodoxy in higher education, a new study has revealed.

The report, published by the Legatum Institute, a centre-right think tank, found the majority of right-wing lecturers have to “self-censor” their beliefs.

The study claims left-wing lecturers “openly dislike” those with different views and those who vote for right-wing parties in elections.

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