Eagle-eyed friend points out mortifying accident in estate agent home photo

Capturing the perfect picture of your place can be a real challenge, especially when you’re armed only with your trusty iPhone.

Unlike estate agents with expensive cameras and teams of photographers, the everyday person can sometimes find it hard to make homes look like they’re straight out of a magazine.

However, a few steps can be taken to ensure success: Keeping the room tidy, finding an attractive angle, and letting in some natural light. 

And also, something which one unlucky man appeared to forget – keeping your genitalia out of the shot.

The homeowner accidentally uploaded an extremely revealing image of his room to an estate agent’s website in Singapore, and was eventually forced to ask them to remove it.

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The owner of the maisonette said on social media that he had cleaned the property before getting out the camera to take some snaps.

He said that the cleaning had left him hot and sweaty – leading him to remove his clothing to cool down.

Unfortunately, he forgot to account for his mirror. 

In the corner of one of his property photographs, his naked body was clearly visible.

The photos were then shared on the estate agent’s website. 

It was only the intervention of an eagle-eyed friend of the man that led to the unwarranted exposure being spotted.

Luckily, the pictures were quickly removed by the estate agent once this was pointed out.

A spokesman for estate agents 99.co said that no one in the company had noticed the embarrassing mistake and that they regretted not pulling the picture down sooner.

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