Eddie Izzard in staggering Queen snub after claiming monarchy ‘doesn’t make sense’

Eddie Izzard swears at 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' lifeline

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The stand-up comedian plays a Home Guard commander in the 2016 remake of ‘Whisky Galore’, which was famously based on real-life events that unfolded on the Hebridean island of Eriskay in 1941. When the SS Politician ran aground with a cargo including 28,000 cases of malt whisky, a group of Scottish islanders plan to invade the vessel and steal several cases of the alcohol. Ms Izzard, who is a self-confessed fan of Alexander Mackendrick’s original 1949 film, revealed she agreed to play the “very English bad guy” in the remake shortly after the Scottish independence referendum. 

The actor has been open about her political views and has even revealed her plans to become a Labour MP. 

And her passionate opinions are not limited to politics, as, speaking at a movie premiere in 2017, the 60-year-old did not hold back on revealing exactly how she felt about the modern Royal Family.

She said: “Well, I’m not into royalty. It doesn’t make sense in the 21st century.”

While admitting that she understood that it’s “just what royals do,” she claimed that it is not enough in today’s day and age, indirectly asking the family: “What do you do with your life?”

However, she went on to make it clear that Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge were not included in the complaints. 

The comic said: “Kate and William are doing good stuff. Charlie is doing some interesting stuff.

“I think the kids now, I think Harry, I think William, I think Charles, at least they are trying to do stuff in a different way.

“There are seven billion people in the world, even though they are not all members of Britain, I think that is what people are looking for around the world, real human beings.”

At the time, Ms Izzard had just come off the back of portraying Queen Victoria’s power-hungry son Prince Bertie, who would go on to become Edward VII, In the 2017 film ‘Victoria & Abdul’. 

She stars alongside Dame Judi Dench, who reprised her role of the ‘Widow of Windsor’ 20 years after ‘Mrs Brown’ thrust her into stardom. 

‘Victoria & Abdul’ tells the story of the former monarch’s late-in-life friendship with an Indian servant, Abdul Karim, who came to England to present her with a coin in 1887 and ended up staying until her death in 1901.

Ms Izzard plays the role of Bertie, who is frustrated at his long wait for the throne and outraged that a foreign servant has gained such power and influence over his mother.

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Having spent a lot of time inhabiting the role, the actor did not get a favourable impression of the man who would be king. 

At the premiere, she said: “He doesn’t seem to be a particularly nice person, a particularly positive person.

“He is someone who had multiple sexual liaisons all across Europe with different women and I think he was married with kids but it was mainly sex, Dirty Bertie as he was known.

“But in this film it’s not about that, it’s about ambitious Bertie, it’s about ‘Mum, give me the ball’.

She added: “The relationship between him and his mother, there was no love lost, as we say. He wanted to be king and she was stopping him being king.

“She was eating herself to death as we see at the beginning of the film, and then this guy Abdul Karim turns up, is rather chatty and forward with her, which everyone in the household disapproves of, and this gives her a new lease of life.

“She finds someone who is a soulmate, who is a lover of a non-sexual kind.

“It’s an emotional relationship and Bertie is really p***** off about it. It’s almost not about race, even though racism is in it, anyone who was going to get in his way of his chance to be king is going to annoy him and he’s going to hate them.”

The 2017 period drama is one of many films in an extensive repertoire of work, having started her career in the Eighties, the comic has appeared in TV, film and theatre. 

On Sunday, Ms Izzard will return to our TV screens in the 2016 remake of ‘Whisky Galore’. 

It airs on BBC Two at 5pm. 

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