Elderly woman left tied up and locked in house by heroin addicts

Manchester Crown Court heard how Edward Connors, 30, a convicted rapist, noticed the victim had left their window open on a warm June evening last year.

The court heard how he used a set of ladders to climb into her bedroom and bound her wrists with a dressing gown cord and ordered her downstairs.

Once downstairs, he used her keys to let Leanna Connors, 29, into the house.

The court heard how Leanna Connors then took the woman’s jewellery off her and ripped away her phone so she couldn’t call for help whilst Edward Connors looted her belongings upstairs.

After he returned, the pair gagged the victim with a pair of tights while another pair was used to tie her feet.

She was eventually tied to a chair with a vacuum cleaner cable securing her to her seat.

The court heard how when they left the property with her belongings which included rings, wedding bands, and necklaces along with her house key.

Fortunately, the victim was able to escape the cables and the tights to call the police on June 2.

Prosecutors told the court how the elderly woman had been traumatised by the experience. Sentencing the pair, Judge Rachel Smith told Edward Connors he had “exploited her age and fragility”.

The judge told Leanna Connors: “You could and should have turned away and left the scene. You could have gone further and raised the alarm. Instead, you joined your partner and you did so willingly and persistently.”

This wasn’t the last robbery the pair would commit before they were caught. Weeks later they broke into another home in Burnage and stole bank cards, a mobile phone, a passport, a beard trimmer, and a driving licence.

They were later identified by police recovered CCTV footage, arrested, and pleaded guilty to robbery, attempted burglary, burglary, and fraud. Edward Connors also pleaded guilty to breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

Edward Connors received an extended sentence of 14 years, including 10 years and 10 months in prison. He also received an extended licence period of three years and two months.

Leanna Connors was handed a total extended sentence of 12 years, including nine years and nine months in prison. She was also handed an extended licence period of two years and three months.

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