Elvis impersonator charges at police as they arrest him during livestream show

This is the moment an Elvis impersonator barges into police as they show up to arrest him during a livestream performance.

Dean Holland, 46, is seen singing at his home in Leeds on November 14, when officers appeared in his living room.

At first he doesn’t notice them, and carried on singing the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s hits with his headphones on until he suddenly clocks them on his screen.

Caught in a trap, the impersonator charges towards one officer but then backs away as two more show up.

As police move in to arrest Holland, he swears at them and demands to know why they have barged into his home.

An officer explains they had been knocking on the door ‘for 20 minutes’ and that he is under arrest for ‘domestic assault’.

He can be heard telling his viewers ‘Have you heard this guys? Have you seen this right?’ as the officer cuffs him and reads him his rights.

She can be heard shouting ‘Calm down’ to which Holland says: ‘I’m calm, you broke into my house’.

Metro.co.uk has contacted West Yorkshire Police for comment. Holland has posted several performances since his arrest.

In September last year, he was fined more than £9,000 after neighbours complained about his late night singing.

He had been served a noise abatement notice by Bradford council but disobeyed the order and was summonsed to court.

The impersonator told the BBC he performs for viewers in the US, meaning he often sings in the early hours of the morning due to the time difference.

He added: ‘I don’t do it every night, I might do it like twice a week, three times a week.

‘I have sung at 11pm, midnight and 1am, but it’s not banging out and it’s not like grunge music or AC/DC or anything like that.’

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