Energy firm E.ON slammed by shop worker for sending socks to help use less fuel

A shop worker has slammed her energy supplier after she received a pair of socks in the post to help her use less fuel.

Barbara Crossman, 65, from Seaton Carew, received the pair of polyester socks in the mail from energy giant E.ON with a message attached that read: ‘Heating down, CO2 down.’

She criticised the energy company for the thoughtless gaffe at a time when bills are going up and major price rises are due to be announced soon.

The firm has since apologised.

Barbara said: ‘I’ve had a problem with my smart meter and thought it might be a part for it. When I opened it, it was the socks.

‘They’re a joke. Considering the time we are in with heating going up I thought it was a bit of a cheek.

‘I’m dreading it when they readjust my standing order.’

E.ON reportedly sent a free pair of the socks to thousands of customers who had engaged with one of its energy saving campaigns last year.

The gifts were to encourage them to continue to save energy, although company has since apologised.

Barbara, who works at a jewellery shop in Hartlepool, and is a coordinator of the Hartlepool WASPI pension campaign group, said her bills have gone up by about £10 a month.

She added: ‘Apparently it was part of another promotion and there is an apology but it still doesn’t help.

‘I know it’s a global thing with prices going up but it’s money that is just being wasted.

‘It’s our money that we’re paying our fuel with and they spend it on socks.’

Experts expect that the price of energy will soar by more than 50% to around £2,000 for the average household when regulator Ofgem announces its new price cap next month.

Apologising to customers E.ON said: ‘If you recently received a pair ofsocks from us, we would like to say we are incredibly sorry for how we have made some people feel.

The advice included putting on a jumper, exercising, eating lentils or ginger and cuddling up to pets.

A spokesperson for the company said it wss ’embarrassed’ and apologised for the ‘poorly judged and unhelpful’ advice.

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