England fans arrested in Germany for Nazi salutes and mouthing off at police

Eight England football fans were arrested in Munich in a string of incidents before tonight’s away game against Germany.

Local police said three had been arrested for making Nazi salutes on Monday, while another allegedly let off a flare inside his hotel room causing £1,700 worth of damage.

The other arrests included two for insulting police officers and one for urinating in public.

Tonight’s game ended in a 1-1 draw, with a late penalty from Harry Kane marking his 50th goal for England.

Some 4,000 fans had poured into the city in the run-up to the UEFA Nations League group stage face-off.

Several bars in the city had closed early on Monday after being overwhelmed by the large numbers of England fans arriving to drink.

Despite the intentions of some fans, a few of them refused to open today after reports of incidents involving football supporters.

Armed police were called to reports of a ‘brawl’ on Monday involving 30 to 50 England fans but said it had dispersed by the time they arrived.

Many fans previously told the media they were determined to fix their ‘pretty poor reputation’ abroad, which tumbled after scenes at Wembley during last summer’s Euro 2020 final.

Adam Carr, a 21-year-old England supporter from Liverpool, had said on Monday: ‘I noticed people were chanting the songs we’re not supposed to chant about Germany, and instantly they were told by other England fans to shut up.

‘It feels like everyone knows the spotlight’s on us, especially after the Euros. Everyone’s just trying extra hard.’

Robbie Lavin, 21, from Birmingham, had said he and his friends received a warm welcome from Germany supporters.

He added: ‘We got here yesterday and went straight to the pub – everyone seems up for it. We’ve seen no trouble.’

There had been fears of further clashes after some England fans reportedly bought tickets in the German stands of the Allianz Arena.

Munich authorities said 700 officers had been deployed to deal with the influx and that England fans would be barred from the home end of the stadium if there were signs they plan to cause trouble.

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