Eurocrats, look away now! Brexiteer highlights FIVE huge problems with single market

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Brexit talks continue to stall, with the EU refusing to budge on its demands over a free trade agreement. With the UK finally out of the EU, Sir John revealed the five fatal flaws of Britain’s move to join the single market in 1972. A staunch supporter of the UK’s departure from the EU, the Tory MP outlined the five reasons why Britain should never have joined the single market on his blog today. 

Firstly, Sir John said the financial contribution to the EU would be too high despite Margaret Thatcher’s later move to improve the initial deal.

He also illustrated the hit to UK industry following the removal of tariffs which increased the pressure from German and French businesses.

He said: “My forecasts rightly assumed we would lose a lot of capacity in areas like steel, cars, foundries, shipbuilding and textiles.

“Our car output halved in the first decade of membership.”

For this third point, Sir John insisted the UK had suffered a drop in its “competitive” advantage due to the EU’s “considerable barriers” in British services and trade.

Lastly, Sir John added: “The fourth was the dreadful deal on fish, bound to damage our industry substantially.

“The fifth was the complete removal of tariffs from EEC food, the imposition of tariffs on Commonwealth food, and the hugely damaging impact the EEC would have on areas like fruit and market garden produce.”

The issue of fisheries has remained one of the largest areas of divergence within the current Brexit talks.

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British fishermen have long called for the UK to leave the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) which has allowed EU ships to exploit Britain’s waters.

Under the CFP, the EU 27 are given access to the waters within the exclusive economic zone.

Due to the UK’s large coastal area, British trawlermen have insisted this gives EU ships an unfair advantage.

Although the UK and EU have so far failed to agree a deal on fisheries, there is hope figures such as Emmanuel Macron will drop his demands in pursuit of a wider agreement.

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As well as fisheries, the UK has insisted it must be free from Brussels’ regulations and rules now Britain has become an independent state.

Talks between the two sides broke down last week after a deal was not agreed at the EU summit – Boris Johnson’s own deadline.

Due to that, Mr Johnson claimed the UK is now prepared to walk away from talks.

Despite this, David Frost and Michel Barnier held talks this week in order to try and thrash out a deal.

After two days, those informal talks have also failed to produce an agreement.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “Lord Frost and Michel Barnier had a constructive discussion.

“The situation remained as yesterday, and they will remain in contact.”

Mr Barnier added: “I spoke again to David Frost today.

“My message: we should be making the most out of the little time left.

“Our door remains open.”

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