EuroMillions winning numbers LIVE: £44 million jackpot up for grabs – have you won?

This Morning: Dermot O'Leary interviews UK's biggest lottery winners

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The National Lottery has another jackpot in store for Britons tonight, just a day after the Set for Life draw. One lucky player started the week with a guaranteed £10,000 a month in hand for 30 years, £3,600,000 in total. Today, however, they stand to win much more, with an “epic” £44 million on the cards.

What are the winning numbers for the May 24 EuroMillions draw?

The National Lottery usually announces results in the evening, around an hour after ticket sales close.

Tonight, that deadline is 7.30pm, and EuroMillions operators will release the results within the hour following.

People can usually expect the final numbers by around 8.15pm, and will post them as they come.

Winning the £44 million jackpot will require players to match five main numbers on one of their tickets and two Lucky Stars.

Those who don’t come out on top have another 12 prizes up for grabs.

They could see people who match fewer numbers win between £130,554.30 and £2.50.

A “Millionaire Maker” brings the number of potential additional prizes up to 13, with codes issued for each ticket bought today.

The prizes up for grabs today include:

Five matching numbers and two Lucky Stars: £44 million jackpot

Five matching numbers and one Lucky Star: £130,554.30

Five matching numbers: £13,561.20

Four matching numbers and two Lucky Stars: £844.70

Four matching numbers and one Lucky Star: £77.80

Three matching numbers and two Lucky Stars: £37.30

Four matching numbers: £25.60

Two matching numbers and two Lucky Stars: £9.10

Three matching numbers and one Lucky Star: £7.30

Three matching numbers: £6.00

One matching number and two Lucky Stars: £4.30

Two matching numbers and one Lucky Star: £3.60

Two matching numbers: £2.50

Matching Millionaire Maker code: £1,000,000

While today’s EuroMillions jackpot is enough to change several lives, it is nearly five times less valuable than another from earlier this month.

The lottery revealed on May 19 that Joe and Jess Thwaite, a Gloucester couple, had won the largest jackpot in its history.

They claimed £184,262,899 from a EuroMillions draw conducted on May 10 after buying a lucky dip ticket.

Mr Thwaite, an occasional lottery player during “big jackpots”, bought the ticket.

Mrs Thwaite said the win had given the couple “time to dream”, something they hadn’t had before.

She added they would use the win to “share lots of experiences and go on adventures with our family and friends”.

The couple shared the news as they didn’t “want to lie to family and friends”, choosing to “enjoy it with them” instead.

They first planned only to tell a “few people” before realising “it would be a burden asking them to keep it quiet”.

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