Every grown man can take a lesson in love from this heartbroken boy, 7

A schoolboy, seven, has won his ‘girlfriend’ back with a bunch of flowers after she broke up with him for having a ‘bad attitude’ at school.

Harley Glenwright had become ‘angry’ with a new teacher on his first day in Year Three, causing Sophie Clancy to break up with him because the incident ‘made her sad’. He then went home crying to his mum Stefania Finch, 26, who suggested he do something nice to make it up to her.

The youngster, who is being assessed for ADHD and autism, then opted to get Sophie a bunch of flowers and a chocolate bar to apologise for his behaviour. He handed her the gifts after school, causing her to declare that she ‘loves him to bits’.

Mum Stefania, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said: ‘Harley ripped the flowers out of my hand and gave them to her with a big smile. She gave him a right big cuddle. This is his way of saying sorry.’

Harley had returned home from his first day back at school in tears having had a ‘bad afternoon’ with his new teacher. Stefania stated that her son has ‘additional needs’ and can sometimes find school ‘extremely challenging’.

She suggested he do something to make it up to Sophie and the pair ended up shopping for flowers, having previously bought them for school staff on days he had suffered a ‘meltdown’.

They planned to give Sophie the bouquet in the morning, with Harley telling his mum: ‘I need you to set your alarm for 5am’. But Sophie was running late for school, so Stefania brought them again when she picked her son up.

Sophie’s mum Jacklyn, 29, said her daughter was ‘so thankful’ for the flowers and told her: ‘I love him to bits. He’s so nice and kind to me.’

She went on: ‘They’re so sweet together. My heart completely melted. Bless his heart – wanting to do that for her. I asked Sophie what happened [between them] and she said “well he was a bit cheeky mum and I didn’t like his attitude so we broke up”.’

Jacklyn praised Harley’s parents for doing a ‘very good job’ of raising their son, and said he had ‘set the standard’ for how men should be treating their partners.

She continued: ‘[Harley and Sophie] have known each other about two years and he was one of the first friends she made at her new school. They’d been talking in school and he said “I hope my mum fetches them because she forgets things. I’ve got you a nice present”.

‘It was such a good thing to see. This was out of the blue for her. In a way, he’s set the bar for her. That’s how she should be treated.

‘If all men grew up to be like him, there’d be a lot more happy women. He’s set the standard. I can’t get my boyfriend to get my flowers even on my birthday. He’s feeling the pressure now.’

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