Ex-royal butler could be key to healing rift between Harry and William

Paul Burrell discusses his prostate cancer diagnosis

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Princess Diana’s former butler said he is scared he may never get the opportunity to tell Prince William and Harry what he knows about their mother. Paul Burrell revealed he has prostate cancer but said his illness had focused his attention on “telling the boys things before it’s too late”, the Mirror reports. The former royal servant said he thinks it is something the late Princess would have wanted him to do.

As he prepares to undergo surgery, Mr Burrell said he wants to tell the two Prince’s what he knows even thought “some of it isn’t pretty”.

He said: “My illness has focused my attention on telling the boys things before it’s too late – telling them what they really should know.

“I think Diana would say to me, ‘Paul, you must make this a priority. You must go and see my boys.'”

Mr Burrell was Diana’s for ten years before her sudden death in 1997, often referring to her as his “rock”.

Now he feels “the time is right” to reveal some of the things Diana confided in him which he has never spoken about.

He added: “I think what I have to say could bring the boys back together, which Diana would have desperately wanted. I will only tell them the truth, that is all. I am not looking for anything in return.”

Speaking on the rift between the brothers Mr Burrell said he wants to see William “put his arm around his brother” but admitted there are “too many obstacles in the way”.

He said: “You look at Harry and William as an 11-year-old and 14-year-old walking behind their mother’s coffin, the nation saw that, the nation witnessed that, and our hearts broke for those two boys.

“That path should have been the same path from then on. That’s what Diana would have wanted. For the two boys to be stuck side by side for the rest of their lives.

“Her death should have glued them together forever, but it didn’t.”

In his memoir, ‘Spare’ Prince William appeared to widen the rift with his family in a series of allegations.

But the Duke defended himself saying “nothing” he has done has been to “harm” or “hurt” his family.

Harry said he never had “any intention” of causing harm.

He told ITV’s Tom Bradby: “I love my father. I love my brother. I love my family. I always do. Nothing of what I’ve done in this book or otherwise has ever been any intention to harm them or hurt them.”

The Duke said he hoped his family would be “willing to sit down” and talk about the ongoing rift.

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