Extinction Rebellion sees big surge in support and donations as UK protests ramp up

Extinction Rebellion activist says ‘stop making things worse’

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Liam Geary Baulch said the group saw a major increase in donations from people after the document was published on August 9. A stark warning was issued in the IPCC report which outlined human-caused climate change, which has pushed up global temperatures by 1.1C. The increase is said to be is driving weather and climate extremes in every region across the world.

Mr Baulch said: “Last week £100,000 was raised in crowdfunding in just 24 hours ahead of the two weeks of protests in London. 

“With the IPCC report just coming out, a lot of people have been reignited with the urgency of taking action on the climate and ecological emergency.

“We are again running groups all over the country and people are being encouraged to come down to London. When they are here they are all involved with different kinds of protests.”

Thousands of people have taken part in XR protests around London since Sunday where they paraded through the streets of the capital and given speeches.

On Tuesday, a large pink table was erected in Seven Dials, which encouraged people to ‘come to the table’ and discuss issues, namely the impact of fossil fuels on the Earth.

Wednesday saw activists from Money Rebellion, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, gather at the Department for International Trade and hold a mock awards ceremony where a ‘Charred Earth’ award was given to the department.

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Money Rebellion said the “ironic award” was “presented to those who are making an outstandingly awful contribution to climate change”.

Other activists gathered at the Brazilian embassy to show solidarity with indigenous people in the Amazon Rainforest, while women assembled in Piccadilly Circus to talk about the environmental crisis.

The demonstrations continue next week, when the activists will protest against the links between “big finance, fossil fuels and the fossil of politics that is Westminster”. 

At least 10,000 people have gathered at the protests and 118 arrests have been made for a variety of offences during the demonstrations.

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