Extinction Rebellion spark fury after mocking Met Police with Benny Hill video of arrests

Tower Bridge: Extinction Rebellion protesters clash with police

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The video which was shared on the Extinction Rebellion UK Twitter feed was captured at Tower Bridge on Monday as the group blocked the iconic landmark with a caravan and a van. Sped up and accompanied by Benny Hill’s infamous ‘Yakety Sax’ tune, the group ridiculed the Met Police as part of the social media post. But the group faced a backlash as the Met Police took to social media to condemn the video.

In the footage, officers can be seen chasing the climate change protesters in circles as individuals try to evade arrest.

One individual can then be seen diving under the parked caravan in the middle of the bridge and appears to chain themselves to the chassis.

A police officer then tries and fails to drag the protester out from underneath as chaos erupts.

While nearby it takes four officers to bring one woman to the floor during a desperate grapple.

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Accompanying the video, the climate change group tweeted: “In case any @MailOnline, @Daily_Express or @Telegraph readers are wondering how #ExtinctionRebellion continually give the @metpoliceuk the runaround, here’s exclusive live footage of Tower Bridge this afternoon.”

But in a surprise slapdown, the Met Police hit back.

The police force replied: “What we see: Met officers immediately take action as activists attempt to block a major road connecting north and south London.”

Extinction Rebellion: Police stop attempt to block road

The video divided opinions from viewers with many agreeing the message of the climate change group and supporting the disruptive tactics but some were unsure why targeting the police was necessary.

One user said: “I completely agree with these disruption tactics, but I disagree with how the XR social media accounts are increasingly taking delight in causing trouble for the police.

“It should be seen as a necessary means to a very important end, not a fun pastime.”

Another commented “how does this stop climate change?” while a third slammed “hopefully it continues until the gov listens and stops the back packet oil transfers and criminalise major polluters.”


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A number of disruptive campaigns by the group took place over the Bank Holiday weekend, including one outside the Science Museum over its sponsorship deal with Shell.

Extinction Rebellion are calling on the UK Government to stop all new fossil fuel investments immediately, following a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which found that the last decade was hotter than any period in the last 125,000 years.

It comes as Extinction Rebellion have entered their second and final week of protesting in London.

In response to the ongoing protests, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: “I share the passion of those who have taken to the streets to highlight the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis… If police officers have to respond to disruptive and unlawful protest in central London, it will end up pulling them away from local communities. Preventing and reducing violent crime should be the priority of the police.”

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