‘Extreme pressure’ sparks ‘critical incident’ at Portsmouth hospital–public urged to avoid

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The institution has said it has limited space to treat patients with life-threatening conditions and injuries. With an announcement on social media, it announced the declaration of a “critical incident” and said that people should not call 999, since the ambulance service is also under pressure.

The Portsmouth Hospital University NHST said: “Due to extreme pressures on services, we have declared a critical incident at QA Hospital.

“We have limited space to treat patients with life threatening conditions and injuries.”

And they added: “Please do not attend ED unless it is an emergency.

“Non-emergency attendances will not be seen and redirected to Urgent Treatment Centres.”

Moreover, the hospital urges patients not to call 999 “unless it is a serious or life-threatening emergency as the ambulance service is also under intense pressure.”

The institution has stated that the safety of patients and staff “remains a top priority”.

It calls people to share their announcement in order to help deescalate the situation.

And they concluded: “We will be reviewing the situation regularly and thank you for all your support during this difficult and busy time.”

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