Family home attacked with petrol bomb and brick after mum finds note on her car

Wirral: Hooded individual throws brick through lounge window

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Amy Youds, 34, says the property and their car were targeted shortly after a strange note was found on her car. The mum of three said she believes their house on the Wirral, Merseyside, is being “wrongly targeted by criminals”.

When she went to take out the bins on December 15, Amy noticed the smell of petrol. Neighbours then banged on the door to say the car was on fire on the front drive.

Speaking to Liverpool Echo, the mum said: “I looked over at the car and saw a note on the window screen – it was an old shopping list – I went back in and, minutes later, the neighbours were banging at the door to tell us our car was on fire on our driveway.”

Damage was also caused to the home.

CCTV footage shows “two lads running away from the house”.

The family suffered further trouble on December 28 when a brick was hurled through the living room window.

“A friend came over to watch the Liverpool match on December 28 and at about 8.50pm someone threw a brick through the living room window,” Amy added.

“Jason (Amy’s partner) and our friend jumped up and saw a lad running off down the road to a waiting car.

“Me and the kids had been playing in the front room the night before – if it had been that evening, it would have hit my son in the head.”

Merseyside Police has been approached for comment on both incidents.

Amy’s partner Jason Hayden, 35, said he thinks the car will be written off.

He said: “I am waiting to hear back from the insurance company but I am 80-90% it will be written off, you only have to look at it.

“I am not ashamed to say this has scared me but I want this to be sorted and end more so for Amy and the kids.”

The family have lived in the home for two years and say they’ve not had any trouble with neighbours.

“I have no idea why anyone would do this to us,” Amy continued.

“Whoever they think lives here, they don’t.”

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