Farage names Sturgeon as ‘most unpleasant person’ he has ever met

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Speaking on GB News, Mr Farage said: “There’s a big lesson here, one we can all, I think can take great heart from.

“So often people who have got traditional views, people who believe in Christianity, who people in the family, who believe in our traditions, our history and our culture, those of small-c conservative values get very down and very depressed.

“I get emails from some of you every day saying, it’s all over, it’s a disaster, we can’t win. The woke agenda is marching forward.

“And yet the big lesson from this is that Sturgeon went way too far with her radical trans agenda.”

Under Ms Sturgeon’s Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria to acquire a gender recognition certificate was removed.

Although the bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament, it was blocked by the government in Westminster.

Mr Farage added: “The idea that a 16-year-old without any medical consultation in Scotland could simply change their gender, well, she may have thought that was wonderful and she, after all, was the Queen of Woke.

“Eighty percent of Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom did not think this was a good idea.”

Mr Farage said another lesson which could be learnt from Ms Sturgeon’s resignation was “the pendulum can swing back.”

He said: “She’s trashed everything that Salmond and she had fought for, and at the end of the day, Scotland is better off, I think, staying part of the United Kingdom. Today is a day to celebrate.”

In her resignation speech, Ms Sturgeon elaborated on her reasons for resigning.

She said: “If the only question was can I battle on for another few months, then the answer is yes. Of course I can.

“But if the question is can I give this job everything it demands and deserves for another year, let alone for the remainder of this parliamentary term – give it every ounce of energy that it needs, in the way that I have strived to do every day for the past eight years – the answer, honestly, is different.”

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