Father dies with ‘broken heart’ after learning of daughter’s cancer

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A woman diagnosed with terminal cancer whose father died last month has succumbed to her illness.

Angela Courtney, 47, who worked as an air hostess at TUI died on January 13, from pancreatic cancer. Her father Ton died on December 14 shortly after learning her cancer was terminal.

Ms Courtney, who leaves behind a six-year-old son, died earlier this month.

A joint funeral service for the father and daughter took place last week in their hometown of Huyton in Liverpool.

The family revealed Tony may have died from a “broken heart” after learning of his daughter’s cancer diagnosis.

Writing on Facebook, Angela’s brother and Tony’s son Anthony Courtney said earlier this month: “I don’t write many things on Facebook but I think I need to tell the world what it has lost over the last 20 days.

“We lost my dad in December to a broken heart.

“Contemplating the thought of losing a daughter, we lost a dear sister yesterday after a long battle to pancreatic cancer.

“Losing both my dad and our Angela in such a short period of time has left a huge void in my life and the lives of the whole family that can never be filled.

“I do take a lot of strength from the love and positivity they both shared with so many people during their brief time on this planet and the legacy they have both left behind and the knowledge that they are together again on some fantastic journey.”

Daughter Beverley said: “We kind of believe he died of a broken heart because he just couldn’t see her die.

“We like to take that comfort that he died before her because he couldn’t take anymore.”

Describing her sister, she added: “Angela was honestly one of the most kind hearted people, she was just a beautiful soul.

“Nobody could say a bad word about her.”

“She was kind, friendly, she was funny and she just lived for her family.”

Angela was diagnosed with stage three pancreatic cancer in January 2021 after doctors initially believed she had a hernia.

Suffering constant abdominal pain and weight loss further tests revealed the cancer.

She underwent chemotherapy, before the family were given the heartbreaking news the illness was terminal.

Angela spent her final three months at the Marie Curie Hospice in Woolton Village, before she died surrounded by family members on January 3.

Beverley said: “Everybody that went to see Angela, and all the staff at the hospice, everyone would say how dignified she was.

“She was just amazing. She never complained and she just got on with it.”

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