Fergie said she’s ‘not really met’ Duchess despite Meghan curtsy story

Queen’s funeral: Fergie arrives at Westminster Abbey

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Unlike many in the Royal fold, Sarah Ferguson has not remained tight-lipped about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in recent interviews given ahead of the release of her new novel, A Most Intriguing Lady. The 63-year-old told People magazine that she has “no judgment” of the couple but in another interview, told of how she hardly knew Meghan Markle.

She told the Telegraph in an interview published last week that she “does not really know” the former actress, explaining that she had never properly met the Duchess.

The Duchess of York did, however, say she spoke with “beautiful” Meghan at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September of last year.

Having told journalist Celia Walden that she always says to her daughters, Eugenie and Beatrice, “no one wants to see a grumpy princess”, the conversation then turned to Meghan.

Fergie said: “I don’t really know Meghan. I haven’t really met her. I spoke to her at the funeral, and I thought she looked absolutely beautiful. I think she is beautiful.”

This will come as news to many. Meghan previously told Oprah Winfrey during her bombshell 2020 interview that Fergie had taught her how to curtsy at the very last minute.

The Duchess was due to meet the Queen in October 2016, but was only told in the car that she would have to bob a curtsy. She said she did not have time to Google exactly how to do it.

Luckily for her, Fergie came to the rescue to show her how to bow “deeply to show respect” before meeting Her Majesty at the Royal Lodge in Windsor.

The Duchess of York still lives at the £30million mansion with her ex-husband Prince Andrew after they divorced “amicably” in 1996.

Meghan chuckled as she said: “I learned it very quickly right in front of the house, we just practised and walked in and Fergie ran out and said ‘are you ready? Do you know how to curtsy?’ I said ‘oh my goodness you guys!’ and so I practised really quickly and went in.”

In the popular Harry & Meghan documentary — which viewers spent more than 81 million hours watching according to the LA Times — Meghan recounted again how when meeting the late Queen she had no idea how to curtsy.

The mother of two said she thought it was a “joke” when her now husband told her she would have to curtsy when meeting his grandmother.

Afterwards, she recalled how Princess Eugenie, her husband Jack Brooksbank, and Fergie all congratulated her, telling her she had been “great”.

Since stepping back from their roles as senior royals, Meghan and Harry, who are now based in California with their two children, Archive and Lilbet, have caused a stir.

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Following their revelation-laden interview with Oprah, they released a tell-all docu-series in 2022, and Harry then went on to publish his memoir, Spare, in January involved yet more press interviews.

When asked if Meghan had “damaged” the Royal Family, Fergie said it was “absolutely not her place” to discuss.

However, she did stress that Meghan had made her happy, adding that Princess Diana would have been proud of the life they have built together in Montecito.

She said: “She has made Harry very happy, and that is so nice. Honestly, he’s so happy with her. She really loves him. And I think that’s beautiful – and that Diana would be proud of him and her lovely grandchildren.”

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