Ferrari in stitches as caller slamming Covid ‘hoax’ hangs up ‘Does that achieve anything?’

Nick Ferrari laughs as radio caller hangs up after clash

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Nick Ferrari was repeatedly cut short by caller Jerry as he failed to properly engage in a conversation after asking him about the opinion of SE13 residents on Boris Johnson’s newly-introduced Plan B. The furious caller said that people in his London community are not sold on stories about the sudden rise of a new coronavirus variant, branding reports on new infections “a lie”. Listeners were left in the dark about whether Jerry actually ran out of arguments to back up his point or simply had no interest in addressing the issue as he swiftly hung up as Mr Ferrari challenged him to discuss his view.


Jerry took particular issue with Mr Johnson’s claims earlier in the year that taking the vaccine would equal a return to normality.

But with a return to lockdown a possibility, people having to wear face masks again and the introduction of mandatory passports not ruled out by the PM, the caller’s patience seemed to be wearing thin.

Mr Ferrari failed to persuade the Southeast Londoner to shed light on his controversial claim that “people are not buying it” as he was desperate for a response.

But after numerous unsuccessful attempts, the caller eventually hung up on him, leaving the LBC presenter in stitches.

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Mr Ferrari asked him: “How do people react to Plan B in SE13?”

The caller responded: “Like I said. 2020. One vaccine equals saviour. What happened? A failed promise. One vaccine, back to normal?”

Nick Ferrari went on: “He’d say the new variant came along.”

But the enraged caller was having none of it and took his frustrations out on Mr Ferrari: “You should be ashamed!

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“We’re not buying it. Scam! Hoax!

“Bye, we’re not buying it! We’re not buying it!

“We people know about this. Variant after variant.”

Dissatisfied with the level of responses he was getting, Mr Ferrari tried to force the issue: “Jerry, slow down what are you not buying?”


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But Jerry sounded like a broken record and went on: “We are not buying it. Bye bye. We know.”

Mr Ferrari said: “Jerry you have got to engage in conversation. You just need to answer the question what do you not buy?”

Jerry did not hold back on his opinion and said: “F*** your lies. Keep your lies!”

Those were his final words before he shamelessly hung up.

Unaware that he had been cut off, Mr Ferrari said: “I’ll try last time because I live close to Lewisham. What are you not buying?”

And when it dawned on him that he walk away from the phone call, the perplexed presenter did not despair but laughed about it: “He’s gone.” “Put that down for the Christmas tree. That’s a belter that one!”

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