Fighter withdrew his case after video emerged

A cage fighter who claimed he “sustained severe personal injury” from a car accident withdrew from his €60,000 damages fight in the Circuit Civil Court.

The MMA fighter also walked away almost cashless from another case.

David Roche, who shares the services of Conor McGregor’s trainer, had claimed he was injured when his stationary car was hit in a car park in 2015.

Insurer Axa had prepared video material of a martial arts fight between Roche and another fighter which had taken place last March.

This occurred just over three years after the accidents in which Roche claimed he had been injured.

His solicitor David Walley did not respond when asked why the case was withdrawn, and specifically if it was withdrawn because the video of the March cage fight was to be played in court.

Roche, of Mountjoy Square, Dublin, had claimed he was in his parked car in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in Dublin in January 2015 when he was hit by a driver in another car which caused him “severe injury, loss, damage and expense”.

Lawyer Orlene Cox said that the defence of Axa’s client was based on an alleged improbability of Roche’s injuries while alighting from a parked car having been as serious as he was alleging.

Colm Featherstone, of Axa Insurance, said that the result of the case vindicated the stance taken by the company’s special investigation unit in probing such claims.

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