Flats edge closer to River Avon after landslip under nearby 17-storey

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These new flats have moved a little closer to a river following a land slip. But developers have told locals that the buildings are not affected by the erosion.

Photos appear to show erosion under a 17-storey building nearby – and a big crack that may indicate a further landslip.

Trees and bushes have slipped towards the river and exposed underground cables.

Officials from Clarion House and Bristol City Council are analysing the south bank of the River Avon where the collapse took place.

A housing association spokesman said: “We have taken prompt action to investigate further, with an engineer having already attended the site.

“The building is not reliant on the river bank for any of its stability and the engineer has confirmed that our site is not affected by the movement.”

The council said: ‘We are aware of the situation.”

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