‘Focused on work’ Expert quashes speculation Kate is planning for fourth royal baby

Kate Middleton visits RAF Brize Norton

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Kate’s long absence from the public sparked speculation the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be expecting a fourth child. However, one royal commentator believes Kate and William’s family is complete and they will now entirely focus on their royal work rather than adding a new member to their family of five.

Royal expert Nick Bullen told Us Weekly: “I was having lunch with someone a couple of weeks ago who knows both of them very, very well.

“And they are really focused, over the next 12 months, on their work.

“Both of them turn 40 next year. They are really keen to be promoting their charities, their initiatives, their foundation.

“I think for them, the next 12 months are all about the work, is not about a new baby.” 

Asked what he thinks Kate and William will focus their attention on the most over the next year, Mr Bullen said he believes they will likely support the Queen amid celebrations for her historic 70th year on the throne.

Over the past months, Kate and William have launched important legacy-making initiatives.

The Duchess announced in May the creation of The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, aiming to drive awareness on the impact the early years have on the development of children and change what we think and do about this important period in babies’ lives.

This launch comes after Kate worked for a decade with charities and behind the scenes to learn more about the early years. 

Last October, William launched the Earthshot Prize, which will award five £1million prizes every year for the next decade to those able to present workable solutions to issues the planet is currently facing such as pollution and climate change.

Tomorrow, the Duke will announce the finalists of the first year of this initiative.

The winners will be announced in October during a ceremony taking place in London.

Speculation about a new pregnancy was dismissed earlier this month by royal commentator Russell Myers, before Kate re-entered the public eye. 

Mr Myers told Today Australia: “I think that the Duchess isn’t pregnant, I think that some people have been asking the question of where has Kate been?

“But where the truth really lies is they have been on holiday.”

Kate resumed her in-person royal engagements yesterday when she visited RAF Brize Norton.

There, she met civilians, volunteers and military personnel who took part in Operation Pitting, the largest aid operation carried out by Britain over the past 70 years. 

Between August 14 and 28, the operation evacuated 15,000 people from Afghanistan – including 8,000 Afghans.

At the base, Kate listened to those directly involved in supporting evacuees from the Middle Eastern country. The Duchess also met teams responsible for setting up their support in the UK.

Wing commander Calvin Bailey, officer commanding 70 Squadron, spoke about the bond created between Kate and the personnel at the RAF base during the engagement. 

He told People magazine: “You can tell her, you can have a joke with her and there’s stuff there that will always be between them.

“She was having a very personal discussion with them. Some of that would never leave that crowd.”

While at the RAF base, Kate couldn’t help but mention her beloved children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Loadmaster Sergeant Mark Curtis told the US magazine: “She did mention that her children are very interested in aircraft”.    

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