Foreign Office blamed for Kate and William’s ‘humiliating’ tour ‘Should be anticipated!’

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrive in Abaco

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Royal author Tom Bower sat down on Sky News to speak on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal tour of the Caribbean. Prince William and Kate Middleton have been facing backlash for England’s history of slavery and colonisation of the Caribbean Islands. Many Caribbean people want an apology for the brutal history of colonialism. Mr Bower accused the Foreign Office of not doing their job properly by preparing the Royal couple for the tour. he Royal tour has been described as a disaster as the tour has gained much bad press due to many Caribbean public figures speaking out and slamming the couple.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Bower said: “I think what went wrong is it starts at the top in the Foreign Office and it goes down to the High Commissioner in Jamaica that they didn’t prepare properly and understand what was going to happen when the royal couple stood in front of Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“That he was going to use their presence to score very, very cheap political points.

“That’s the sort of thing that should be anticipated by British Foreign Office officials and by the couple’s own staff.

“It was a very bad visit and so humiliating for a couple who I think are just wonderful, who try their hardest and do their best for Britain.

“They were put in an impossible position by Philip Barton, head of the Foreign Office and the High Commissioner.

“Those two officials should have known what was coming, they should have prepared the ground.

“It’s been an absolutely humiliating disaster for them.”

He added: “We have diplomats who are not well educated and intelligent and don’t understand the art of politics and diplomacy and then the victims are Kate and William were humiliated and trying to do their best.”

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