Former Met detective slams ‘Just Stop Oil idiots!’ over their sense…

Former Met detective slams 'Just Stop Oil idiots!'

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Mr Bleksley claimed that he had met a number of the members from Just Stop Oil. And explained that none of the members he had met came from London. Mr Bleksley told Julia Hartley-Brewer that they felt a sense of entitlement in order to keep disrupting ordinary people in the UK. The Former Met detective discussed Just Stop Oil’s new tactics and explained that the police would have to adapt to them.

Mr Bleksley told Talk TV: “I’ve met a number of these Just Stop Oil idiots! None of whom come from London.

“And of course it makes me ask them the question, well why don’t you go to your home town or your home village and create such disruption there? And see how you get on!”

Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “Well no, I would like them to go to China and do it, then see how they get on.

“Because they seem to be very very concerned about whether we’ve got… Or whether we’re insulated.

“Whether we’re doing any more drilling… In Shell gas or ever at all in the North Sea for North Sea oil and gas.

“But they seem remarkably unbothered by coal-fired power stations in China, who knew.”

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Mr Bleksley added: “Yes, who knew, but there again you see, but when you have the sense of entitlement that these people have that they can disrupt every working man or woman’s lives.

“People trying to get to the hospital… All manner of things that people want to do as part of their daily business.

“When you have that sense of entitlement that you can utterly disrupt that, with probably very few consequences then this I’m afraid is what we’ve got.

“And now they’ve got a new tactic, and the police are going to have to come to grips with this in some way shape or form.

“And meanwhile while they do we’re all going to be disrupted.”

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Sky News host challenges Just Stop Oil activists' strategy

The Group has started to change its tactics from roadblocks and sitting protests.

Just Stop Oil has started walking slowly down busy roads with its banners in order to evade arrest for violating the highway code.

The group has been upping the ante with their protests across the capital and other busy areas in the UK in order to try and get their demands met by the British Government.

Just Stop Oil is demanding that the British Government halt new licenses which allow for the exploration of oil.

The ongoing demonstrations have been gaining the attention of the British public due to the vandalism sometimes inflicted on buildings and works of art.

And the roadblocks that affect ordinary people.

Scotland Yard has asked the British public not to take the justice system into their own hands when it comes to tackling the disruptions caused by the environmental activist group.

Commander Karen Findlay said: “I completely understand the frustration and anger felt by the public who are seriously disrupted by a relatively small number of protesters and their deliberate tactics.”

Ms Findlay added: “Where activists cross the line into criminality, the Met will provide a proportionate policing response.

“We will arrive quickly, deal with the situation efficiently, remove and arrest activists as appropriate and return things to normal as soon as possible. Please do not take matters into your own hands.”


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