Foul-mouthed pub parrot banned from watching TV after dropping F-bomb

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A foul-mouthed parrot has reportedly been banned from watching action movies on TV after he kept dropping the F-bomb on innocent punters. Louis the African Grey parrot many time goes on “rants” and “starts shouting the F-word” around the customers visiting the pub in which he lives.

Owner Andy Ashby, 50, says the five-and-a-half-year-old parrot’s vocabulary is now so bad that he is finding ways to restrict his bad language.

Mr Andy runs the Nailmakers Arms in Sheffield where the parrot is placed.

He has tried to get the bird to socialise with his punters instead of watching the television from where he has been picking the foul words.

He said: “He will squeal and they say hello and come out with a couple of words.

“But then he might just come out with the F-word just off spec.

“Then when he goes on a rant, he just starts shouting the F-word all the time so it just causes me trouble.”

The owner further explained how he has been embarrassed when customers come in and Louis starts swearing.

He has tried to tell Louis off but explained “’the more you tell him, the worse he gets” and he just “comes out with whatever he wants.”

He further explained: “It’s quite funny actually but it is one of them things where you think that it’s quite embarrassing.

“The more you tell him, the worse he gets. He just comes out with whatever he wants to come out with.

“So he’ll say oi, or he’ll chirp. He also makes camera noises, what sound like taking a picture on a mobile phone.

“Then when he goes on a sweary rant, he really goes off on one.”

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The pub landlord has now had to put a sign up warning people about his swearing but he hopes Louis’s language will improve now he’s not watching TV.

Mr Andy said: “He’s not watching TV now, he’s watching customers so he should pick more stuff up.

“It will fade out. He will pick up new words now he’s downstairs. He will pick up different, less rude, words.”

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