Freezing mum has to wear ‘more layers inside her home than out’

A distressed mum claims she has been forced to wear “more layers inside her home than out” after her boiler broke ten days ago. 

Margie Jones, 54, has had to live in the freezing cold as it has taken her housing association “longer than expected” to mend her heating.

But temperatures have plunged to below -2C in some parts of the country overnight this week.

Margie has lived in her two-bedroom home in Vauxhall, Liverpool, for 30 years but is concerned the boiler issues are affecting her health.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, the mother said: “I’ve had no heating or hot water for 10 days now. The boiler is nine years old and I’ve had them out at least 50 times to repair it. They’ve said they’re waiting for a part.

“It’s left me with no heating or hot water. They’ve said they will give me fan heaters but I can’t afford to run them. I suffer with high blood pressure, I had two strokes three years ago and I’m on blood thinners. I have chronic fatigue as well so I don’t go out much. I have to spend a lot of time at home because I can’t go out.”

Riverside Housing offered Margie electric fan heaters as a temporary solution – but she can’t afford to use them.

Snow is expected to hit many parts of the UK, including Merseyside, next week as temperature continue to drop. 

Concerned, Margie added: “It’s really having an effect on me. I also suffer with depression. I’ve got slipper socks on, pyjamas, and a housecoat. I’ve got more clothes on in the house than I do when I leave the house.”

A Riverside spokesperson said: “We’re very sorry it has taken longer than expected to fix the boiler and completely understand Ms Jones’ frustration. We were first made aware of the issue on 22 February.

“After identifying what was needed to fix the issue on our initial visit, we returned on 28 February to strip down the boiler and during testing we identified that further parts were required. We are returning to the house tomorrow (Friday 3 March) with the parts to fix it.

“We’ve kept Ms Jones updated and as is standard practice during winter we offered electrical heaters as an interim solution but these were refused. We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused during this time.”

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