Fuel campaigner slates Hunt over ‘disgusting’ proposal for 23% fuel

Fuel duty: Proposed 12p increase branded 'disgusting' by campaigner

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As the extra cost of diesel compared to petrol has reached a new high of nearly 25p per litre, latest Government figures show the average price of a litre of diesel is 188.9p. But the Chancellor did not announce any plans to introduce road pricing despite being urged by 24 Tory MPs to cut fuel duty. Mr Cox explained how not cutting fuel duty will massively impact sole traders.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Cox said: “Jeremy Hunt didn’t say a word. For the first time in my 30 years of campaigning, I have not seen a budget or Autumn statement not mentioning fuel duty.

“Only half an hour later, the OBR announced this planned 12p tax rise next year in the March budget.

“Don’t forget that doesn’t include the VAT, it goes on top of that so it’s nearer 15p per litre we’re going to be paying.

“It’s absolutely disgusting that Jeremy Hunt didn’t mention this.”

He added: “Something like 40 to 50 percent of costs now for the average trucking firm are fuel costs.

“What’s going to happen is they’re going to pass on those costs to their customers.

“Unfortunately we’re going to see customers say no, we can’t pay that and we’re going to see some businesses go to the wall.

“Particularly sole traders like electricians, plumbers and decorators who are already being hit by things like congestion charges and ultra-low emission zones.

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“There are 37 million drivers in this country, they don’t have any consumer price protection.

“They are subject to highest fuel duty in the world and highest taxation in the world and also opportunistic profiteering in the supply chain.”

Diesel has typically cost around 5p per litre more than petrol since then.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, warned that diesel could become even more expensive in the short term.


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He said: “The situation for diesel drivers is grim and unlikely to improve in the weeks ahead. In fact, it could deteriorate.

“Already, drivers of average-sized diesel cars are paying around £105 every time they fill up, about £14 more than those people with similar-sized petrol cars at the neighbouring pump.”

With the UK’s 4.5 million-strong fleet of vans and half a million HGVs running almost exclusively on diesel, Mr Gooding said companies’ rising costs will “inevitably be passed on” to consumers.

Mr Gooding said the impact on diesel supplies from the war in Ukraine is being compounded during the colder months as many countries use the fuel for heating and power generation, pushing up demand.

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