Fuming neighbour calls woman ‘selfish a**hole’ for building bigger garden fence

A dog-owner whose neighbour called her a “selfish a**hole”, is unsure who’s in the wrong. The dog-owner has asked the internet whether she really is an “a**hole” after she angered her neighbour by building a bigger, more private garden fence to keep the neighbour’s two children away from their dogs. The neighbour complains the new fence has mortified her autistic child.

Posting on the forum website Reddit, the woman said the children had been “bothering” the dogs since their family moved next door roughly one and a half years ago. 

She said the children, a boy and a girl under five, would rush to the fence and scare the dogs as soon as she let them out and that she has tried to be “neighbourly” with them time and time again.

“Our two used to love lounging in the backyard with us,” she said.

“But now I can just barely get them outside to do their business. Almost immediately after the dogs are out, the kids come running out too. 

“They rush the fence and yell and bang on the chain and try to call the dogs over.

“My boys [dogs] do not like this at all and will retreat to the furthest side of the lawn or come right back in the house. Their parents never are outside with them but I sometimes see the mom watching them through the window. She never tries to stop them.”

The woman said she had tried to talk to the kids, “gently” telling them they are “scaring” the dogs. But she says they don’t listen to her and that she has also talked to the parents who also don’t respond properly.

She said: “They either wave off my concerns or they just curtly say they’ll have a talk with them. It hasn’t worked.”

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In response to “a year” of this nuisance, she asked the local authority if she could put up “large privacy fence”.

When approval was given, she took the dogs to her sisters while the work was being done. But upon coming home with the dogs, she was met with a furious neighbour.

She said:  “Momma Bear stormed over after we got home and was absolutely seething. She said her kids were ‘absolutely heartbroken’ that they couldn’t see ‘their dogs’ anymore because of what we had done. 

“Her boy has autism and has apparently been inconsolable and they couldn’t get a dog and this was the closest they will ever have. 

“She told me what a selfish a**hole I was. I tried to tell her that I’ve been talking to her about this issue for a year and it was a safety concern and never saw any progress and she just continued to yell until I shut the door in her face.”

Lots of people have replied to the woman’s doubtful post, saying she was in the right to put the fence up.

One user wrote: “Neighbour woman needs to learn others are not just secondary characters in HER STORY. This is ridiculous.”

Another said: “Some people don’t like it when you confront them with facts. Momma bear is more ‘sleeping on the job bear’ than anything else. She had the agency to avoid this and ignored it.”

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