Furious farmers grind major road to agonising 5mph crawl in huge convoy

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Veteran campaigner and County Durham farmer Andrew Spence is leading the disruption in a bid to get the Government to cap fuel costs.  He is leading fellow drivers along the A1 from Gateshead into Newcastle.

Mr Spence planned the go-slow to pass through the city centre, over the Tyne Bridge and towards the Angel of the North. 

He said: “I’m letting people know [the price of fuel is] hurting people. Everybody knows the people are hurting. It’s basically up to the Government to do someting about it.

“A snowball is gathering momentum. I hope everybody takes notice and carries it on from there.”

There is a “massive” amount of people in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the US who Mr Spence said are watching with interest as the protest unfolds.

More to follow…

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