Fury at neighbour’s overgrown bush so big it's ‘a hazard to drivers’

A resident with a bush so big it is blocking a speed sign has been given 28 days to get their growth trimmed.

Their neighbours are raging over the untamed greenery, in the Bournemouth suburb of Boscombe, as they fear the obstruction could cause deadly road accidents.

They have hit out after the homeowner’s foliage got so big it is forcing cyclists and pedestrians onto a busy road as well as obscuring a 30mph speed sign at a busy junction.

One resident, who didn’t want to be named, seethed about the massive shrubbery: ‘I have written before about this, but the council doesn’t seem to carry out any checks or maintenance.

‘This “hedge” pushes walkers into the road at the very busy Christchurch Road/Manor Road junction. 

‘And the 30mph sign is hidden so if they charge you with speeding you have an excuse.’

He added ‘the council these days do nothing’ and praised volunteers for keeping nearby areas tidy. 

The local said: ‘Boscombe Gardens would be a disgrace without the volunteers, and similarly for picking up dropped rubbish. Please spend our rates on some of the issues that affect us old walkers and families out to sensibly enjoy themselves.’

Even though residents are directing their anger and complaints at Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council, the plants are privately owned.

But the local authority confirmed it is aware of the situation and has given the owner 28 to cut it back or face ‘further action’.

A spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of the overhanging hedges on private property at Manor Road and our Neighbourhood Services team have made attempts to contact the owner.

‘They have 28 days from our initial request to trim or cut back the area to their boundary or before facing further action.

‘Overhanging vegetation can cause safety issues and we’d like to remind homeowners that it is their responsibility to stop bushes, hedges and trees growing over roads and road signs.

‘The owner or occupier of a property is legally responsible for ensuring adjacent roads and pavements are not obstructed by vegetation. This is a common issue at this time of year due to rapid plant growth during the summer months.’

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