Fury erupts after pensioner attacks neighbour with walking stick in empty beer can row

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Fred Curry presented himself in court after being arrested for an assault against his neighbour, 61. The assault took place outside of the two men’s homes on Alma Street, Fenton. Curry has reportedly been in a row with the victim for a long time. 

The reason appears to be the fact that the victim would leave litter, including empty beer cans in the alleyway, outside of Curry’s home, Stoke-On-Trent Live reports.

According to the prosecutor, on the day of the incident, Curry approached the man and confronted him about littering.

The victim denied this allegation and then, according to the prosecutor, “without warning, the defendant raised his walking stick above his head and struck the victim to the right side of the head.”

As a result, the attack reportedly caused the victim ”significant pain, swelling, and discomfort.”

Mitigating for the Curry, David Houldcroft, said that he “has been plagued by this neighbour forever leaving beer cans in the alleyway.”

Therefore, according to Houldcroft, Curry “felt like he had to sort it out himself.”

He added: “Mr Curry admits he has thrown them into the injured party’s yard and, on occasion, has left them on his door handle.

“On this occasion, he went up to the man and called him a dirty ***.

“The man said, ‘One day I will put a knife in you’.

“He lost his temper and hit the man with his stick.”

Houldcroft suggested that Curry did not hit the victim “for the fun of it.”

Instead, he suggested that the victim provoked Curry’s attack.

After the incident, Curry walked away and returned home where he was later arrested.

The police charged him with assault, to which he pleaded guilty.

However, magistrates didn’t conclude on a sentence and instead decided to consult the Probation Service first.

The case was adjourned for April 6.

Additional reporting by Aimi Redfern

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