Fury over £169 refund as guests branded ‘racist’ after complaining about refugees at hotel

GB News: Fiery clash over councils taking in Afghan refugees

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It comes as other guests have alleged on TripAdvisor that staff were branding them “racist” for complaining about the situation. Two female friends told TeessideLive that they had planned a three-night, weekend break at the Grand Hotel later this month.

However, when they discovered that the hotel was being used to house families of Afghan refugees, who were brought to Britain to escape the Taliban, the hotel declined their request as there was no cancellation policy in place when the trip was booked.

One of the women, who asked not to be named, said: “Our concern is about safety and leaving things in our room, because of what we read about theft and kids running wild.

“By no means are we racist – I’ve worked with refugees, and it is not their fault. It is just the predicament that they are in.

“I totally agree they should have got out [of Afghanistan], but my concern is the company didn’t inform us what the Grand Hotel was doing.”

“They are basically saying that if we get to the hotel and don’t feel safe, then that is our problem – but it is their problem,” the woman added.

According to TeessideLive, there are around 200 refugees staying in hotels in Scarborough.

Earlier this week, the hotel was host to a bomb hoax, which saw guests evacuated and police storm the building.

The woman said it “feels like we are being held to ransom, in that we either go or we don’t – but either way we aren’t getting our money back.”

A spokesperson for National Holidays, which owns the hotel, responded: “We appreciate [the guests] sharing their concerns with us, and do understand that news cycles during challenging times can cause heightened concern and confusion.

“However, rest assured that we are in constant contact with the hotel, which is operating as normal, and has been welcoming National Holidays guests for many years.”

Other guests at the hotel have claimed on TripAdvisor that when they asked for refunds or an early checkout, they were branded as “racist” by staff.

According to the complaints, Afghan children were running about the hotel, in and out of rooms, screaming and shouting.

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There were also claims that they were causing damage to the hotel itself and “intimidating” guests.

One woman wrote: “on the way [to our room] I realised there were a lot of people just stood about while hundreds (or seemed like) of children raced around screaming and shouting.

“After squeezing past folk in we went.

“P**s up the walls and no quilt on the bed and these said children running in and out of the room!

“We decided we didn’t want to stay there and headed back downstairs.

“I overheard people talking angrily about the kids and people just stood about, they were refugees and more buses were just parking up.

“I didn’t have a problem with this. I just felt we should have been made aware that the hotel would be this ‘hectic’ then we could decide if the noise would be a problem for us.

“I spoke to the man on the desk and asked for a refund and explained why. He then started shouting at me calling me a racist!

“I am no racist – I booked the break when the school holidays had ended so it would be quieter!

“He flatly refused me a refund, so we left.”

She added: “As I was at the desk, getting insulted, at least three others were demanding a refund for the same reasons.”

National Holidays told the Mail: “We appreciate the guests sharing their concerns with us, and do understand that news cycles during challenging times can cause heightened concern and confusion.”

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