Future King Charles faces turmoil as plot to slash monarchy threatens Royal Family crisis

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Royal Family commentator Richard Fitzwilliams reflected on how Prince Charles could change the monarchy when he becomes King. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Fitzwilliams admitted there was a long-standing rumour that, under Prince Charles, the monarchy would become more slimlined. He added this comes with a heartbreaking issue as one of the Royal Family’s key purposes will be threatened.

He said with less working royals, there would be less royals partnering with charities and becoming patronages.

This could result in many charities no longer benefiting from having a member of the Royal Family supporting them and bringing with them a multitude of benefits.

Mr Fitzwilliams highlighted this as one of the biggest issues with the slimline monarchy.

He said: “The royals have some three thousand patronages and institutions that they are attached to.

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“They carry out something like three and a half thousand engagements every year.

“It is very valuable for an institution or charity to have a member of the Royal Family to have a patron.

“This is because it draws in funds or helps with that, it could mean that the charity can use the palace as a venue, it also means that if they attend an event you can charge more.

“There is a lot of competition among charities.

“If large numbers of charities lost patronages I think it would be damaging to them and that is worth bearing in mind.”

The royal expert also reflected on the future of the monarchy and how it could change over the years.

Mr Fitzwilliams said: “While there has always been some, the percentage of the population that wants to see the end of the monarchy has always been pretty small.

“It still remains small, they are a very small minority of people.

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“So far as the idea of the slimline monarchy, there has always been a perpetual rumour that Prince Charles is in favour of it.

“What has happened in fact is the monarchy has already become somewhat slimline with Prince Andrew forced to step down in disgrace and Meghan and Harry no longer being senior working royals.

“Clearly, it will appear there are fewer working royals as it will be sometime before the Cambridges’ children are able to assume royal duties.”

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