Gang leader survives being shot twice as he sat in car in feud attack

Gardaí are bracing for a major backlash after a gang boss involved in the Drogheda feud was targeted in an attempted murder.

The 24-year-old was recovering in hospital last night after being blasted twice in the chin and shoulder.

The shooting happened at around 8.20pm in the Termon Abbey area of north Drogheda, Co Louth, and gardaí are attempting to establish how many people were involved.

Detectives were last night satisfied that the shooting was directly linked to the ongoing feud, which has seen around 80 violent incidents in the past year.

Gardaí believe a number of shots were fired at the victim as he sat in his car.

Two bullets struck the man while other rounds were lodged into his vehicle. He was rushed to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The victim, who cannot be named as he is facing serious feud-related charges, is believed to be the leader of the gang that is in a violent feud with associates of Owen Maguire.

He was also targeted in a gun attack last month near Donaghmede Shopping Centre when a number of shots were fired at him.

The 24-year-old is suspected of leading a gang of more than 30 associates, including women and teenagers.

They also have ties across three separate counties – their stronghold in Drogheda, as well as Meath and Dublin.

The man lives in a number of different properties across Drogheda due to the threat on his life.

He is suspected of directing his gang to carry out gun attacks on the Maguire faction which has led to three murder attempts.

On July 5, a gunman fired multiple shots at Maguire, who has been left paralysed and hospitalised for more than nine months. He was only discharged in recent weeks.

Gardaí believe Maguire oversees a mob of at least 20 close associates while also having close connections to recently released mob boss Cornelius Price.

Owen Maguire’s brother Brendan also survived multiple gunshot wounds after being targeted at the M1 Retail Park in February.

The gang violence has led to the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) being deployed to the town, while 25 new garda recruits have also been assigned to Drogheda.

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