Gary Glitter’s neighbours now scared to make school run

Gary Glitter – The rockstar who became a monster

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Outraged residents living near Gary Glitter’s probation hostel now fear their own children are being used as “bait” during the school run. Glitter – real name Paul Gadd – was released from prison on Friday after serving half of a 16-year jail sentence for a string of child sex offences on three schoolgirls.

Vigilantes tried to scale the walls of the halfway house when they found out he had been moved there.

And people living nearby are disgusted that he has been moved to a place which they say is near to several schools.

Speaking to, Sharlene Reynolds said: “It’s disgusting. It’s right near schools and families are living all around it.

“They are allowed out in public unsupervised, which is sickening especially as during school start and finishing times – it’s a paedos dream come true.

“I thought everyone knew about it, but obviously not. I’m glad he’s raised awareness and hopefully, the place gets burnt down soon!”

And Victoria Moody said: “I’m shocked at how many people didn’t know we have a massive house full of nonces and sex offenders on our doorstep.

“It’s been there for decades. The only good thing about him being there is it has raised awareness.”

“It feels like part of them being integrated back into society is putting temptation in their way and our kids are being used as bait in some sort of rehab program experiment.”

Jaye Taylor questioned why this kind of hostel is so close to schools.

They said: “It is minutes away from where I live. There are five schools close to this location, why is it there of all places?

“It makes as much sense as cloning dinosaurs and then wondering why people got eaten!”

Pat Moyses said: “There should never have been a probation hostel for violent sex offenders and sex offenders put there in the first place it should never have been put that near schools.

“It should be much further out. They have to go somewhere so they can be monitored but not near schools.”

Glitter has been fitted with a tracking device and his release conditions prevent him from living with under-18s and going near schools.

He was at the height of his fame when he preyed on the vulnerable. The crimes came to light 40 years later when Glitter was the first person to be arrested under Operation Yewtree.

Yewtree was an investigation launched by the Met into allegations of child sex crimes after the Jimmy Savile scandal.

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A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “Sex offenders like Paul Gadd are closely monitored by the police and Probation Service and face some of the strictest licence conditions including being fitted with a GPS tag.

“If the offender breaches these conditions at any point, they can go back behind bars.

“We’ve already introduced tougher sentences for the worst offenders and ended the automatic halfway release for serious crimes.”

The Ministry of Justice says that “approved premises”, like the probation hostel Gary Glitter is living in, help offenders stay on the straight and narrow and have robust safeguards in place to keep the public safe, including CCTV, alarmed exits and 24/7 supervision by staff.

Registered sex offenders must provide their local police station with a record of (amongst other things) their: name, address, date of birth and national insurance number. This is done annually and whenever their details change.

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