GB News host says Prince Harry needs to tell Meghan ‘no’ on UK return

Meghan praised for meeting with royal well-wishers

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The Queen’s death could trigger a change in Prince Harry’s relationship with the Royal Family and prompt him to say “no” to Meghan Markle, GB News’ Stephen Dixon said. He stated that Harry has been “digging out a hole” for himself by cutting ties with his family but that the time spent with his family since the Queen’s death could change his mind. Mr Dixon suggested Prince Harry could ultimately push back against Meghan and return to the Royal Family.

Reacting to Prince Harry’s relationship with the Royal Family after the Queen’s death, GB News’ TV host Stephen Dixon said: “You do wonder because we’ve all done it – we have arguments and rows. 

“You dig a hole and you don’t always stop digging. 

“And perhaps this has forced him to stop digging.”

Fellow news anchor Anne Diamond sighed: “Oh, I do hope so.”

Mr Dixon continued: “And maybe that time with the family and maybe he’s got to say to Meghan: ‘no’.

“We’re going to be over here. We’re going to try to make this work.

“Wouldn’t that be interesting, wouldn’t that be nice?” Mr Dixon asked, adding: Let bygones be bygones.”

Ms Diamond slashed: “And ditch the book, Harry, ditch the book.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had to change plans while on a trip to visit charities in the UK and Germany when they heard news of the Queen’s death. 

Since Her Majesty’s death, there have been growings calls demanding Prince Harry to cancel his tell-all, hotly-anticipated memoir.

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The memoir goes over Prince Harry’s experience in the Royal Family and reportedly contains damaging revelations about the Royal Family. 

A source close to Harry and Meghan told the Mirror the book might no longer come out as planned, with many believing it will be amended to bring it up to speed with the QUeen’s death, The Mirror reports. 

The Duke of Sussex has insisted the book will be released on time in November, according to royal biographer Tom Bower.

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