GCSE resits: Can I resit my GCSEs? How to retake your exams – full guide to GCSE resits

GCSE results day 2019 falls on Thursday August 22 where hundreds of thousands of pupils across the country will discover if months of revision and hard work has paid off. Schools receive the marks a day earlier, but students are not able to collect their results until Thursday morning, usually about 10am depending on the school or college. But what happens if your results aren’t as good as you were expecting, or you failed an exam? Express.co.uk has all the information you need on how to get a paper remarked or how to retake an exam.

Under the new numerical GCSE grading system, students are now scored from 9 (the highest) to 1 (the lowest).

Previously pupils were graded from A*-U.

The numerical system is designed to give more differentiation at the top end of the scale, with a grade 9 pitched above an A* in the old system.

A grade 4 is similar to an old C grade, representing the basic pass grade.

If a score of 3 or below is achieved in exams such as English and Maths, students will be expected to resit them.

What happens if I fail a GCSE exam?

If you narrowly miss out on a grade boundary, a school or college can ask exam boards to review the marking of an exam or the moderation of coursework.

So if you think your grade made be wrong, or if you’re just a couple of marks away from the pass boundary, speak to your teacher about asking them to submit the request for you.

A priority remark can be requested if you have a college or sixth-form place pending.

The deadline for enquires about GCSE results is Thursday September 19, 2019.

Can I resit my GCSEs?

If you fail an exam, by not achieving a grade 4 or above, it is possible to resit the exam.

A resit in Maths and English will be required to proceed to A-level if the pass mark has not been achieved.

Resits for these exams take place in November but re-takes for all other subjects will occur next summer.

But for specific resit options for each subject, it is best to check with your school as these will differ between examining bodies.

Will I still be able to go to my chosen sixth form?

If you missed the grades required to get into your chosen sixth form college or school, it is best to get in contact with them straight away to find out if they will still accept you.

If you only missed the grade in one or two subjects, the school may still accept you or offer you an alternative course.

But it’s not the end of the world if they refuse your place, as other institutions with lower entry requirements could still offer you a place.

Are GCSE resists free?

GCSE exams are not free to resit, but some schools and colleges may cover part or all of the cost.

According to AQA’s website, entry costs for GCSE exams range from £27.10 to £49.95.

Edexcel exams range between £24.80 to £76.50, according to its 2018 to 2019 entry guidelines.

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