Genius hack could help you find petrol stations with fuel near you

Petrol stations are beginning to get back to normal, two weeks after being plunged into chaos by panic-buyers.

But many forecourts are still dry due to difficulties re-filling pumps after they were emptied much quicker than expected.

It’s taken more than a week for many petrol stations to receive deliveries and some are still waiting to be stocked up.

If you are running on empty and don’t want to risk driving to your local petrol station in case it is out of fuel, there is a way of using Google Maps to check the likelihood of petrol being available before setting out.

The tip involves finding the petrol station’s listing on Google and scrolling down to the section which indicates how busy it is.

There should be a graph that provides live updates on what’s happening at the pumps. If there’s a big pink bar, it means the petrol station is busier than it would be normally.

This indicates that there is a very high chance the retailer has fuel at the moment as it is being used by lots of customers, who are unlikely to just be stopping for a Mars bar.

However, if there is a small bar showing on the graph, it means the petrol station is less busier than it would be normally.

This means that there is unlikely to be any fuel available and the pumps may well be closed.

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