George provokes funny reaction from the late Queen in old video

Queen makes Christmas pudding with Prince George in 2019

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An old video from 2019 has resurfaced which shows a then-six-year-old Prince George provoking a hilarious reaction from the late Queen during a royal engagement between four generations of the Royal Family. Prince George joined his father, Prince William, his grandfather, the now-King Charles and the late monarch to film, at the time, for the Royal British Legion’s Together at Christmas Initiative.

In the clip, George can be seen mixing ingredients as the four royal members made a Christmas pudding.

Prince William poured more currants, raisins and fruits, which prompted the young royal to mix more vigorously.

George’s mixing induced the Queen and the then-Prince Charles to step back and share a giggle.

The four shared the sweet moment together – which traditionally brings good luck.

Each of them appeared to place commemorative sixpences into the mixture which were then ready to be found by those attending the festive gatherings the following year.

A nod to their sweet bond, Prince George appeared to share a moment with his late great-grandmother whilst standing on the Palace balcony during the Jubilee celebrations in June.

John Cassidy, a professional lip reader, reviewed the clip in which the young prince speaks to the late monarch as the royals stepped out to hear crowds singing a rendition of God Save the Queen.

As the national anthem ended, red, white and blue smoke appeared over the crowds.

Prince George and Charlotte decided to attend funeral day before

Mr Cassidy told the Mirror that he noticed the Queen then turned to George and, smiling brightly, said: “Ah, brilliant. “I didn’t know…”.

Prince George was one of the Queen’s 12 great-grandchildren from her eight grandchildren.

Speaking of the balcony moment, body language expert Judi James told that the young royal “tends to look at the Queen with smiles of genuine affection”.


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Analysing the bond between the Queen and William’s eldest son, Ms James added: “He showed his awe and delight at being with his great-grandmother the Queen.

“Few grannies could have nailed the respect of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren as effectively as she did with the Paddington video.”

Shortly before the death of the late monarch, Prince George moved to Windsor, from London, with his parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales and two younger siblings, Charlotte and Louis.

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