German TV mocks monarchy and hits out at ‘toxic elements’ of Charles

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Fury has erupted after a German television programme mocked the monarchy on the day of the Queen’s funeral. Billions of people watched as members of the Royal Family and significant figures from around the world yesterday paid their final respects to Elizabeth II during her state funeral. Her Majesty died on September 8 at the age of 96, after which the country entered an extended period of mourning.

For one German station, however, the period of mourning did not give pause to mockery and scorn.

On “Hart, aber fair” (“Hard but fair”), commentator Sascha Lobo, sporting a pink mohican, said the Queen was being granted too much respect and that he spotted “toxic elements” in the new King.

His largest criticism related to the monarch’s “failure” to apologise for British colonialism.

The commentator said, in no uncertain terms: “Approaching the monarchy uncritically always involves referring positively to mass murderers.

“Knowing that the Queen has failed to apologise in 70 years for the crimes committed by the system she represents, I don’t think that’s a lifetime achievement to be celebrated, but one of the greatest failures of all.”

Lobo also conceded that his own emotional reaction to the death of the Queen was “minimally above zero”.

On the reign of Charles III, which began immediately after the death of his mother, other panelists questioned how popular the new monarch will be.

One asked: “When she’s gone, will there be such loyalty to Charles?”

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Lobo, perhaps unsurprisingly, reckoned there would be less than there was for the Queen, referencing “toxic elements” which he picked up on during the official period of Royal Mourning.

Charles, he added, appears to be a “hothead”.

On the programme, guests also mocked “funny elements” of the mourning period, noting, for example, “a completely absurd tradition… that the royal beekeeper has the duty to inform the Queen’s bees about the death of her majesty”.

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Many on social media – including from Germany – were quick to criticise the commentators for their “disgusting” comments.

German user @Acolyte23955548 wrote: “An incredible performance by Mr Lobo. How can one slander the deceased only two hours after someone has been carried to the grave? Even if all this had its justification, the timing was a no-go.”

@speedlight responded: “Decadent with no demeanour. Disgusting.”

For English social media user @JohnCarterWood, “German TV is depressingly often the same people saying the same, unsurprising, not very well informed things – over and over”.

King Charles has already expressed his interest in visiting Germany, according to the country’s President, and will do so when a suitable time presents itself.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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