Germany’s president tells King and Camilla Brexit vote was ‘a sad day’

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has noted that it has been six years since the British Government had submitted a letter stating its intention to withdraw from the bloc. In his speech, the German President told the King and Queen Camilla, upon their current visit that “today, exactly six years later, we are opening a new chapter”. Reflecting on the day in March 2018, he expressed his fears that the decision would create a divide between Britain and Germany.

“Let me say in all honesty that for me personally this was a sad day. And plenty of people in Germany felt the same.

He then expressed he shared fears that the decision would drive a divide between his country and Britain. However, claimed that “this did not happen” due to the “strong” bond between the two countries.

He said: “Too strong are the ties between our countries, too close the friendships between our people, too precious the reconciliation efforts after two world wars.

“The Russian attack on Ukraine, the first war of aggression against a neighbouring country in Europe since World War Two, has stirred up memories of the darkest days on our continent.

“But Putin’s brutal calculation did not come to fruition. He did not drive a wedge between Europe’s democracies.”King Charles III and Queen Camilla landed in Germany on Wednesday afternoon.

The royal couple had been due to start their visit in France on March 26, before heading to Germany on Wednesday.

However, the state visit was cut short but the cancellation of the French leg of the tour.

According to security sources in France, fears grew for the King’s safety, if he were to visit the country.

Fears began after, following President Macron’s decision to raise the current retirement age, violent riots began to break out.

Earlier in the day, the King and Camilla met German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Budenbender at the Brandenburg Gate.

The royals then attended the full ceremonial welcome, which marked the first to be carried out, at the historic lansmark, for a current head of state at the historic landmark.

After reviewing the Guard of Honour, The King was accompanied by the German President on a brief walkabout, where the sweet moment occurred.

This evening, the royal couple arrived as guests of honour at a State Banquet.

The evening has been hosted by the German President and his wife at Bellevue.

At the event, the King and the President are due to make toasts as the start of the banquet.

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